Release Dates

As HDRips, R6 releases, WEBRips and Retail releases usually arrive before R5 releases, the page will concentrate on the prior release dates instead, so if you have any then post them in the comments!

iTunes Release Dates (USA)

April 2015

Babygirl – 16th April 2015
The Pyramid – 17th April 2015
Paddington – 17th April 2015
Selma – 21st April 2015
The Loft – 28th April 2015
Two Men in Town – 28th April 2015

May 2015

WTC View – 5th May 2015
Extraterrestrial – 12th May 2015
The Sleepwalker – 12th May 2015
Kingsman: The Secret Service – 19th May 2015

June 2015

Extraterrestrial – 1st June 2015
Camp X-Ray – 16th June 2015

July 2015

Hangar 10 – 14th July 2015
Comet – 28th July 2015

September 2015

Inner Demons – 8th September 2015


R6 Release Dates

April 2015

Unbroken – 16th April 2015
Home Sweet Hell – 21st April 2015
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – 23rd April 2015
Into The Woods – 25th April 2015

June 2015

Jupiter Ascending – 6th June 2015

July 2015

Cinderella – 13th July 2015


Updated: 15th April 2015 –  old dates removed!

85 Responses to Release Dates

  1. mark says:

    Hey guys. Looking for some input if you could possibly help me out. Just got a ps4 and found out it doesn’t have DLNA support, which was always great with the ps3. Plex was another option, but it’s a flaky pain in the ass. I’m looking into media players on Amazon, preferably one for less than $40-50. Anyone have any opinions on some of these brands/models: Micca Speck, Blusmart, Satechi, Actpe, I’d really appreciate any advice. They’re all in the same price range, so I’m sure there isn’t much difference. Just wondering if any of you have personal experience/preferences. Thanks in advance and I apologize for the long post.

  2. Rockisright says:

    I was taking a look on and seen
    Cinderella – Netflix UK Release Date Friday 24th April is this the 2015 movie or an older Version!

  3. pomh says:

    adding this to see if it submits

  4. spadger says:

    itune release dates the duff may 26th and chappie june 2nd

  5. DazzA says:

    Straight Outta Compton R6 August 28th. Maybe.

  6. Garnier says:

    Chappie Out on US iTunes June 2

  7. gkssrevival says:

    kingsman and ex machina on naver how can i buy there

  8. bob smith says:

    I wonder how long till we start seeing the first cams for avengers 2 its out in France now and the uk tomorrow

  9. TwistedVivid says:

    Trainwreck R6 Date is July 31st

    with all of the dates being pulled idk if i can trust that site anymore

  10. bob smith says:

    Skin Trade 2014 720p WEB-DL DD5.1 H.264-PLAYNOW

  11. rosco says:

    Skin Trade 2014 HDRIP x264 AC3 TiTAN

  12. pomh says:

    Chappie out June 2nd, 2015 on iTunes – North Anerica

  13. pomh says:

    Avengers: Age of Ultron out in the following countries:
    Italy – April 22nd, Brazil – April 23rd, Germany – April 23rd, Russia – April 23rd, Spain – April 30th, Portugal – April 30th, China – May 12th

    • bob smith says:

      speaking of avengers: age of ultron if you haven’t seen this interview u should the guy is a jerk to rdj. Robert Downey Jr full interview: star walks out when asked about past. on youtube

    • Katie says:

      russian cam on epidemz already…looks watchable, just waiting on english audio

  14. Garnier says:

    Skin Trade 2014 HDRIP x264 AC3 TiTAN

  15. Garnier says:

    Fast & Furious 7 2015 WebRip x264 AAC-Reunion

  16. kman says:

    Someone on here said Black or White was coming out on Tuesday. I guess that was a lie

  17. speakofevil says:


  18. rosco says:

    Black or White 2014 720p BluRay x264-GECKOS

  19. ibe_older says:

    Black or White 2014 720p BluRay x264-GECKOS

  20. Garnier says:

    Mad Max: Fury Road R6 Date May 19
    may not come out on that date lol
    lost my trust on that site

  21. bob smith says:

    Avengers Age of Ultron {2015} RU CAM XVID AC3 MURD3R and the maddness starts!!

    • pomh says:

      should see hd telesync video by the weekend or within 2 weeks, could be wrong, but it’s how movies like this usually play out, and since it’s not out in China for some time hopefully, unlike furious 7, unnecessary subtitles shouldn’t be an issue since Chinese subs have been on what usually gets released nowadays.

  22. devel says:

    Btw Skin Trade was fun. One of the best low budget action flicks.

  23. spadger says:


  24. Gavin says:

    Hopefully we get rips of these soon, most are already out:

    Cheatin (out now on vimeo)
    Slow West (DirectTV)
    Code Black (Itunes)
    Tales of the Grim Sleeper (on HBO this weekend)
    Sharky’s Machine (been on Bluray for a few weeks)
    24 Days (Itunes)
    In Country (Itunes)
    Wild Canaries (Itunes)

  25. JK says:

    Hello, I am looking to get hold of a copy of furious 7. Can someone tell me which is the best copy out there. Thanks.

  26. Spike says:

    Avengers-Age Of Ultron(2015) ENG-CAM RIP-XVID-AC3 – Team Telly Exclusive

  27. macka953 says:

    Is Private Internet Access good as a VPN?

  28. pomh says:

    Avengers: Age of Ultron 2015 CAM x264 AC3 TiTAN – english audio

  29. jook says:

    Will we have to wait til retail to see an english version of The Duff ? Audio & pic are fine but I can’t read russian. Lot of scenes that I would love to see & understand but it in Russian writing.

  30. donkeyhigh says:

    I’ve been using PIA for about a year, no problems here.. :-)

  31. spadger says:

    dragon blade hdtvrip on epidemz if its all ready out i didnt know before anybody says its all ready out :)

  32. JK says:

    Guys, can you advise please. I know it’s early days for the new avengers but when can we expect a HDTS??.

  33. speakofevil says:

    Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 {2015} CAM XVID MP3 MURD3R looking forward to this one

  34. thegeeman says:

    Fingers crossed we see Kingsman dropping in this next week; iTunes is the 15th May so I suppose anytime soon.

  35. DazzA says:

    Fast and Furious 7 is out on naver if anyone is able to rip from there yet.

  36. dazz22 says:

    replay media catcher could do that mabye not sure

  37. Garnier says:

    After the Ball 2015 720p WEB-DL DD5.1 H.264-PLAYNOW

  38. Garnier says:

    Fast And Furious 7 2015 HD-TC x264-CPG

    Has Chinese Subs

  39. cmp2005 says:

    well i have direct tv at home and signed in and clikced watch and loaded only shows 14 mins and its from hbo on demand

  40. cmp2005 says:

    thats what shows up for me on my pc

  41. TwistedVivid says:

    HOLY SHIT I GOT IT TO WORK Its playing on my TV

  42. devel says:

    TwistedVivid seriously? Don’t wait. Rip that shit ASAP.

  43. bob smith says:

    twisted has to be lying unless the directv rep lied cuase she told me it was just the trailer

  44. TwistedVivid says:

    I’m just kidding lol just go see it in theaters like i did lol

  45. bob smith says:

    I did see it in theaters but the Fast and Furious 7 2015 NEW 720p HC HDTS x264 AC3 TiTAN is the best ive seen so far now if it’ll ever get done still stuck at 99.9%

  46. rosco says:

    Yes Young and DazzA
    This one looks mint , I flipped through no heads nice video and sound,
    @tellme u might wanna check it again,

    This one is Awesome best copy to date!

  47. devel says:

    So pissed off. Can’t find the 1080p version anywhere. Can’t even sign up on that torrent site. They want an invitation code.

  48. tre2k3 says:

    yup, its a TC, which is basically a direct connection to the video source

  49. bob smith says:

    im getting the titan copy in the nfo it says he did what he could to fix the colors and make it a little better

  50. bob msith says:

    titans copy stuck at 99.9% getting 1kB/s lol

  51. bob smith says:

    ive been looking everywhere for it too

  52. bosshog says:

    same source as the others

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