Release Dates

As HDRips, R6 releases, WEBRips and Retail releases usually arrive before R5 releases, the page will concentrate on the prior release dates instead, so if you have any then post them in the comments!

iTunes Release Dates (USA)


July 2015

Hangar 10 – 14th July 2015
Comet – 28th July 2015

August 2015

Mad Max Fury Road – 11th August 2015
Aloha – 11th August 2015

September 2015

Poltergeist – 4th September 2015
Inner Demons – 8th September 2015


R6 Release Dates


July 2015

The Face Of An Angel – 1st July 2015
Ted 2 – 10th July 2015
Cinderella – 13th July 2015
Trainwreck – 31st July 2015

August 2015

Straight Outta Compton – 28th August 2015

September 2015

San Andreas – 2nd September 2015


Updated: 17th July 2015 –  old dates removed, new dates added!

97 Responses to Release Dates

  1. zack98 says:

    Max (2015) is available on now – hopefully we will see a better rip now that the 720p/1080p files are available of it now ( and

    Batkid Begins (2015) is also available on there now as well – it looks like a good documentary (

  2. anything dropping today?
    waiting on child 44 is that still ago?

  3. MrBungle says:

    CHILD 44 2015 WEB-DL x264 AC3-NiKON

  4. spadger says:


  5. spadger says:


  6. spadger says:

    anyone know if a royal night out has english audio on it

  7. DazzA says:


  8. tellme says:

    Suites Francaises FULL Blu ray out
    Barely Lethal FULL Blu ray on DLLNEWS

  9. bob smith says:

    Fast and Furious 7 2015 DVDRip XviD-EVO not that it matters since the 1080p has been out forever

  10. gkssrevival says:

    Fast and Furious 7 2015 2in1 BluRay 1080p AVC DTS-HD MA7 1-MTeam

  11. pomh says:

    Furious Seven 2015 EXTENDED 720p BluRay x264-SPARKS

  12. Vigo The Butch says:

    just looking big game on imdb and it says the usa release is 110mins 1hr 50min, is this true? i only see 90min webrips online.

  13. deano78 says:

    avengers age of ultron is 4/5 week away I heard

  14. qpalzm_666 says:

    if film.qq is down for good, is there another site that carries the movies they were gonna have coming up? (gallows, vacation…)

  15. Xander says:

    Release date for Avengers Age of Ultron in USA is 2nd October for Bluray & DVD and Digital Release Date is 8th September.

  16. Kiwi says:

    A copy will pop up in 3 weeks ending August 16.

  17. Kiwi says:

    A copy of Avengers 2 will pop up in 3 weeks ending August 16.

  18. Cee Loo says:

    DVD World have gone bust, so don’t pay attention to their site.

  19. tre2k3 says:

    Entourage the movie
    June 30 from qq

  20. Muttonhead says:

    Any word on if VOD films typically show up on time? Specifically looking for Stanford Prison Experiment.

  21. kungfupanda says:

    Out today on VOD The Stanford Prison Experiment. But I can’t find it anywhere!!! Anybody have news?

  22. Dan says:

    When do u think we will see any copy’s of southpaw any quality

  23. nabs says:

    So arr you thinking entourage is July 30 then

  24. Kiwi says:

    Looks like no The Gallows today.

  25. The Stanford Prison Experiment

    any news?… looks awesome

  26. Gaarnier says:

    Smosh The Movie 2015 1080p WEB-DL x264 AC3-NiKON

  27. bob smith says:

    Avengers: Age of Ultron will be released by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment on digital download on September 8, 2015 and on Blu-ray and DVD on October 2, 2015 so any truth to that?

  28. Gaarnier says:

    These 2 Out Tommorow On iTunes

    Hot Pursuit

  29. deano78 says:

    amazon Germany says 24 sept for blu ray avengers age of ultron

  30. gkssrevival says:

    hot pursuit bd out

  31. spadger says:


  32. spadger says:


  33. Gaarnier says:

    Suite Francaise 2014 720p BluRay X264-AMIABLE
    Suite Francaise 2014 BDRip X264-AMIABLE

  34. TwistedVivid says:

    Da fuq?

    sounds like a funny movie for the Nostalgic Critic to review

  35. Unfriended.2014.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-RARBG

  36. young$$$ says:


  37. bob smith says:


    • pomh says:

      good video, needs slight AR adjustment, (maybe slight perspective correction), and video stutters, least in this version.

  38. pomh says:

    mrg if you frequent this blog or someone on here knows how to contact mrg, if it’s possible, could you do Vacation and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation in similar quality as Pixels was done in? very good work, needs a little tlc but nothing serious, major thanks!

  39. Vigo The Butch says:

    yeah it wasn’t awesome but a decent enough movie. seen worse
    nothing tops jp1 with that t-rex roarrrr….

  40. Vigo The Butch says:

    damn, just found out it had a scene after the credits, gonna watch again.

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