Release Dates

As HDRips, R6 releases, WEBRips and Retail releases usually arrive before R5 releases, the page will concentrate on the prior release dates instead, so if you have any then post them in the comments!

iTunes Release Dates (USA)


July 2015

Hangar 10 – 14th July 2015
Comet – 28th July 2015

August 2015

Mad Max Fury Road – 11th August 2015
Aloha – 11th August 2015

September 2015

Poltergeist – 4th September 2015
Inner Demons – 8th September 2015


R6 Release Dates


July 2015

The Face Of An Angel – 1st July 2015
Ted 2 – 10th July 2015
Cinderella – 13th July 2015
Trainwreck – 31st July 2015

August 2015

Straight Outta Compton – 28th August 2015

September 2015

San Andreas – 2nd September 2015


Updated: 17th July 2015 –  old dates removed, new dates added!

86 Responses to Release Dates

  1. Gaarnier says:

    Entourage 2015 HDRip XviD AC3-EVO
    Love And Mercy 2015 HDRip XviD AC3-EVO
    Tiger House 2015 HDRip X264 AC3-PLAYNOW
    Digging for Fire 2015 HDRip XviD AC3-EVO

  2. OsTriZix says:

    Robert the Doll 2015 DVDRip X264 AC3-PLAYNOW

  3. young$$$ says:

    San Andreas 2015 WEB-DL x264-SRS

  4. spadger says:

    San Andreas 2015 HDRip XviD AC3-EVO

  5. Gaarnier says:

    The Rise of the Krays 2015 HC WEBRIP 720p X264 AC3-MRG

  6. Gaarnier says:

    Minions 2015 HC HDRip XviD AC3-EVO

  7. Ajay says:

    If someone having a spare invite for iptorrents, pls hook me up…will appreciate the help

  8. ibe_older says:


  9. young$$$ says:

    Self/less (2015/WEB-DL/WEB-DLRip) Russian Audio

  10. PezVII says:

    Is ‘straight outta Compton’ still due on the 28th?

  11. kman says:

    Straight outta compton chinese webrip on deck to be released HOPEFULLY tomorrow or Friday fingers crossed

  12. thegeeman says:

    Screener season is ‘officially’ here :)

  13. PezVII says:

    Guessing straight outta Compton isn’t coming out tomorrow now then? Gutted!

  14. ibe_older says:


  15. Gaarnier says:

    Magic Mike XXL 2015 720p WEB-DL X264 AC3-EVO
    Magic Mike XXL 2015 HDRip XviD AC3-EVO

  16. qpalzm_666 says:

    Vacation {2015} HQCAM XVID AC3 READNFO-MRG

  17. young$$$ says:

    Southpaw 2015 720p WEB-DL AAC 2 0 H264-SRS

  18. tre2k3 says:

    Straight Outta Compton out on qq ready to be rip.
    I know it will be censored though

  19. ibe_older says:

    I found a list of movies, for pre-releases on Amazon Instant Video,,,
    – Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation
    – Vacation
    – Fantastic 4
    – Ant-Man
    – Minions
    – Tomorrowland
    – Straight Outta Compton
    – Terminator – Genisys
    – The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
    – Ted 2
    – Jurassic World

    so it might be wise to wait, and see how many more “SRS” gets, before trying to find hardcoded subbbed releases

  20. young$$$ says:

    Straight Outta Compton 2015 HC WEBRIP 1080p x264 AAC-Showscen mp4  

  21. devel says:


    Lots of movies to see this weekend!

  22. Gaarnier says:

    Self/less 2015 1080p WEB-DL AAC2 0 H264-RBG

  23. Gaarnier says:

    The Gallows 2015 720p WEB-DL AAC 2.0 H264-SRS

  24. young$$$ says:


  25. Aria says:

    Anyone know if anything was edited out of Straight Outta Compton? Don’t wanna download if it’s missing scenes.

    Also any word on Dope?

  26. qpalzm_666 says:

    how bad is Straight outta compton censored?

    • tre2k3 says:

      Compton is missing the hotel scene, and a 5 min pause at 1:15, must uploaders have fixed the pause thoughbut that whole scene is missing where Cube gets mad

      • thegeeman says:

        Straight Outta Compton 2015 REPACK 720p HC HDRip X264 AC3-EVO

        Still missing ‘sex scenes’ according to nfo; don’t know about a hotel scene.

  27. joshokeefe says:

    looks like at least 3 minutes have been cut-dont know about cuss words etc though

  28. any rumors on the movie dope? something should of came up by now ?

  29. adsf says:

    Zipper 2015 720p WEB-DL DD5.1 H.264-PLAYNOW
    Zipper 2015 HDRip X264 AC3-PLAYNOW

    Pod 2015 720p WEB-DL DD5.1 H.264-PLAYNOW
    Pod 2015 HDRip X264 AC3-PLAYNOW

    Z for Zachariah 2015 720p WEB-DL DD5.1 H.264-PLAYNOW
    Z for Zachariah 2015 HDRip X264 AC3-PLAYNOW

  30. Dan says:

    Any news on a good copy of pixels ?

  31. kungfupanda says:

    Still don’t see Turbo Kid. Its the greatest film that’s going out on VOD this weekend. Any news when?

  32. Greendoor says:

    Downloaded the minions fully cropped and it was good wanted it for neice but it was vob files if that’s what you call them and wouldn’t let me convert using convert x does anyone think there will be a better file soon thanks

  33. Billythekid says:

    Hopefully we get an uncensored version of Straight Outta Compton like Ted 2

  34. qpalzm_666 says:

    are the cuss words bleeped out on all the compton copies?

  35. tre2k3 says:

    Minions 2015 720p Read,NFO HDRip X264 AAC-m2g (NO HC)

  36. THE ROCCK says:

    Where can I find the korean version of the Minions without the subs?

  37. tre2k3 says:

    ^^Its cropped, I can add the english audio if someone ripped the korean audio version

  38. tellme says:

    hey Dazzd any news? i didn’t receive the code thx you

  39. tre2k3 says:

    No one has ripped it yet

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