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Looking for some new dates, if you happen to come across any then please email them to me over at sbraidley [at] yahoo.co.uk as I don’t have time to check all the comments for new dates. Thank you to all those who have submitted dates!

– DVD & BluRay –

Please Read: For those asking about films that aren’t on the list, if a film doesn’t appear on the list it’s most likely that the studio don’t do R5 releases, studios have the choice to release in the region 5 format.


June 2014

Postman Pat: The Movie – 26th June 2014
Labor Day – June 2014

July 2014

Almanac – 1st July 2014
Captain America: The Winter Soldier – 8th July 2014
300: Rise of an Empire – 10th July 2014
Two Night Stand – 17th July 2014 (Second Date)

August 2014

Bears – 5th August 2014
Labor Day – 15th August 2014 (Second Date)
Noah – 15th August 2014
Monsters: Dark Continent – 21st August 2014 (Second Date)
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – 21st August 2014 (Second Date)

September 2014

Winter’s Tale – 11th September 2014 (Second Date)
Godzilla – 18th September 2014
The Familymoon – 25th September 2014
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – September 2014

October 2014

Maleficent – 7th October 2014 (Second Date)
Edge of Tomorrow - 9th October 2014
Daddy’s Home – 15th October 2014
Maleficent – 21st October 2014
Jersey Boys – 23rd October 2014
Captain America: The Winter Soldier – 28th October 2014 (Second Date)

November 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction – 1st November 2014
300: Rise of an Empire - 6th November 2014 (Second Date)
Tammy – 6th November 2014
Planes: Fire and Rescue – 18th November 2014
Jupiter Ascending – 27th November 2014

December 2014

Outpost – 4th December 2014
Into the Storm - 11th December 2014
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – 15th December 2014
The Familymoon – 18th December 2014 (Second Date)

Updated: 26th June 2014 – Old dates removed.

Note: not all dates are 100% accurate and are likely to vary, please keep checking back for updated release dates.

Comments must only relate to dates, current releases or private torrent site invites, any other comments will be deleted if not relevant. If members start harassing each other, they are banned.

90 Responses to R5 Release Dates

  1. john young says:

    can sam sticky this or something..cheers to the original source
    come on TD1 lets see your pictorial or nfo for capping google play..sharing is caring after all..
    Guide: Ripping your DRM protected iTunes video’s

    Table of Contents
    1 Introduction
    2 Required Software
    — 2.1 iTunes & Requiem
    — 2.2 MKVToolnix
    3 Main Success Scenario
    — 3.1 Acquiring the video
    — 3.2 Removing the DRM
    — 3.3 Muxing into MKV
    4 Possible Problems & Solutions
    — 4.1 DRM decryption failed
    — 4.2 Creating multiple setups as a workaround
    5 Miscellaneous
    — 5.1 Getting your USA store account
    — 5.2 Getting money on your account

    1 Introduction
    I received a few PM’s from people who wanted to know how to publish their DRM protected iTunes purchases.
    Once i was in the same situation, wondering how to get rid of the DRM and convert the files to a suitable container (MKV ofc).

    I learned the hard way, asking on forums and researching on the web and such…
    So there i was, answering the PM’s. I could do two things; answers with “google it” or write this guide.
    It aint hard to guess which choice i made.

    Special thanks goes out to Telejeesus, together with this guy we perfected ripping TV shows from iTunes in large quantities. Without him, there wouldnt be such a large collection of WEB-DL’s on this site!

    2 Required Software
    The software we will need:
    – iTunes (uhm, doh)
    – Requiem (removes DRM) (official TOR page here)
    – MKVToolnix (creates MKVs)

    2.1 iTunes & Requiem
    iTunes is used for buying (HD) video’s and movies (note: dont rent HD movies, those can’t be decrypted).
    The files you buy are encrypted with Fairplay 3 DRM, which makes use of an encryption key. Only Authorized computers store these encryption keys, and the Requiem tool can find these keys and use them to decrypt the video and strip off the DRM.

    So why Requiem and not some other tool? Well, most other tools are based on file playback & record along, which in most cases means a re-encode.
    Requiem does no such thing, the audio & video stay untouched…only the DRM is stripped off!

    This is the vital part!
    Now guess what…iTunes is allways fighting against Requiem. With a software update of iTunes the storing of keys will most likely be different, and that means Requiem cant find them anymore.
    This is why you need to carefully select the version of iTunes you’ll install.

    All versions of iTunes (Windows, 32 bits) can be found here:

    But how do you know which one to pick?
    There are known combinations of Requiem & iTunes. As an example, at the time of writing this guide i successfully use iTunes with Requiem 1.8.8

    So you base your pick of iTunes on the latest version of Requiem, which you can find on the unDRM.net forums (registering required).

    unDRM forums, 8 May 2009
    Requiem 1.8.9 [Supports iTunes 8.1.1 & HD Video]
    Requiem 1.8.8 [Supports iTunes 8.1 works with Windows & Mac]
    Requiem 1.8.5 [Windows support, works with iTunes 8.0.2]
    Requiem 1.8.4 [Mac OSX only, Supports iTunes 8.0.2]
    Requiem 1.8.1 [Mac OS X Only, Supports iTunes 8.0 & 8.0.1]
    Requiem 1.8.2 [Supports iTunes 8.0 - 8.0.1]

    Tip: turn off automatic updates in iTunes
    Tip: backup your ‘SC Info’ folder (iTunes’ keystore) when you have a working combination of iTunes & Requiem

    unDRM.net Requiem FAQ
    The SC Info folder is located in the following location

    C:\ProgramData\Apple Computer\iTunes\SC Info

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\SC Info

    /Users/Shared/SC Info/

    2.2 MKVToolnix
    Create a Matroska file from different audio & video sources.
    Download the latest version of MKVToolnix here.

    3 Main Success Scenario
    3.1 Acquiring the video
    After you downloaded the video you want, its time to locate it on your disk.

    In iTunes, under Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced you will find the iTunes Music Folder location.
    In that folder, there are subfolders for “Movies” and “TV Shows”. There you’ll find your file(s).

    3.2 Removing the DRM
    Now we’ve found the file, lets strip it of those nasty DRMs.

    We can go two ways, GUI or CLI…whatever you prefer.


    -Open Requiem.jar
    – Click the green + icon
    – Browse to your file(s)
    – Click the ‘lock’ icon
    – Wait for it… (no progress indication)
    – ‘Decryption complete’ message should show

    Now you’ll find a MP4 file with the same name as the input file in the same folder, that is your unprotected movie/tv show!


    decrypt “input file.m4v” “output file.mp4″

    You can also specify the keystore location, if you modified it (or want to use a backup)
    decrypt -s “C:\Path\to\SC Info” “input file.m4v” “output file.mp4″

    You specified the location and name of the unprotected file, so you know where to find it ;).

    3.3 Muxing into MKV
    Start MKVMergeGUI (experienced users can go CLI), select as input file the decrypted MP4 file.

    You can start muxing right away, there are no settings that need to be set…but its allways nice if you specify audio and video language.
    On multiple audio tracks, please name them accordingly (AAC/AC3 + # channels).

    4 Possible Problems & Solutions
    4.1 DRM decryption failed
    If this is the first time you are trying to rip a video, it may be possible that you don’t have the decryption key in your keystore yet.
    In order to solve this problem, make sure that:
    – Your machine is authorized
    – You have at least playbacked ONE purchased video on the machine (with Quicktime)

    If the problem still continues to exist, please read on;

    To get a detailled error description, please use the command line decrypt.

    First, read the unDRM.net Requiem FAQ.

    Most likely problem: you updated your iTunes, and now Requiem cant find the keys.
    Try uninstalling iTunes, and reinstall an older version as described in chapter 2.1

    When you actucally need the latest iTunes version for some reason, there are two things you can do:
    – wait for a new version of Requiem to appear, keep an eye on the official Requiem website -or-
    – create a second setup; read on in section 4.2

    4.2 Creating multiple setups as a workaround
    When you have a working decrypting setup, but you cant purchase new items anymore with the older version of iTunes, there is a workaround:
    1. Keep or recreate your working decrypting setup on another machine (fysical or install Vmware)
    2. Download the latest version of iTunes, install on a different machine (again, fysical or virtual).
    3. Buy with the latest version of iTunes, cancel the download, and click Store -> Check For Downloads on the working decrypting machine.
    4. ???
    5. Profit!

    5 Miscellaneous
    5.1 Getting your USA store account
    Most HDTV episodes and movies are only available in the USA store, so you’ll need to create an USA store account. But, you most likely don’t have a valid payment source located in the USA if you are not an USA citizen…this is the solution:

    1. Get any sort of iTunes coupon or giftcard for anything in the store (app, song, show, movie).
    2. Log your current account out (if you have any)
    3. Try to use the coupon
    4. You will be shown a register form, fill it out. Do NOT check any payment options, even if you happen to have paypal or a credit card.
    5. Done!

    5.2 Getting money on your account
    Buy (usa store) giftcards from eBay and/or other places, but be sure they are real. The best option is a friend in the USA.
    Other ways to be sure the giftcards are real: if you are paying (significantly) less than the value of the giftcard…its probably a fake ;).

    If you have any questions, suggestions or comments…you can post them or send me a PM :-)

    !!Final note: ALLWAYS make use of the latest versions of software you use, EXCEPT for the iTunes/quicktime & Requiem combination!!

  2. spadger says:

    22 Jump Street (2014/TS) on epidemz looks like the cam thats been out a while imho

  3. hmmm says:

    Wasnt there an edge of tomorrow web rip? Can’t seem to find it

  4. rosco says:

    Any info on “Two Men In Town”

  5. JK says:

    Hi, when will we see a good copy of Dawn of the Apes. I know there is some about but they are filmed in 3D. Please can anyone advise cheers.

  6. adsf says:

    - english audio –

    Fading Gigolo 2013 LIMITED DVDRip x264-PSYCHD

  7. John Doe @ says:

    BL4CKP34RL doesnt deal with FuN..lol all there stuff will go public before it hits FuN

  8. domo2013 says:

    I’m not the only one who thought 22 jump street was shit?
    Or at least not better than the original.

  9. joe says:

    the purge anarchy aug 1, on filmqq

  10. Garnier says:

    My Man Is a Loser 2014 HDRip XviD-EVO

  11. moises520 says:

    Hey people just a quick question lets just say some who ist me lol wanted to go watch a movie and i dont just by chance recoreded the movie what would you guys suggest besides not getting caught and obiously a cam corder or some kind of recording device but what fram rate what type or recording device with flash on or off waynin the back or upfront in the middle or the side just curious i had recorded a piece of a tv show lol with my camera and looked and sounded good but its not hd its like tops 5 megapixel so yea some help or suggestions would be awsome thanks

    • John Doe @ says:

      ok to get into this first sit in middle and u can use a cellphone but record it to an SD card, remove the SD card and pass to sumbody else to walk out of theater with incase they do see you and want to search your phone they wont find anything. 2nd turn autofocus off as most the anti piracy stuff in theaters goes by shutter on your camera if it dont close they wont catch you.. and any megapixels works but always make sure you give it to a release group that knows how to find and remove all tracers for your protection because the tracers will tell exactly what theater it was cammed in, what time and can even pinpoint the exact seat alot of the times so they can go through video footage of theater and pinpoint a face to match to the cammer..

    • RedNun says:

      Buy ticket with cash at a non-busy time. Usually on weekends in the morning. If you’re going to use a mobile, you’d most likely need one of those additional charger, since battery dies quick when it’s always on. Flash OFF, lower the brightness on your screen. Autofocus on if you’re not gonna be holding it, autofocus off if you are. Best place is middle seat 3-5 rows from the back depending on size of room. Makeshift camera stands/holders are handy, just remember be discreet. No, do not get a friend involved unless you trust this friend FULLY. Worst case scenario he goes around bragging about his friend that does this and that.. and you end up in trouble. Also test out the waters before you do any of it. Plan ahead, where are all the exits and cameras. How active is the staff? If you do get seen by staff, this is why it pays off to plan ahead and go on non-busy day (less staff and more easier to stroll on by to never return). Also you have to be quiet during the movie, minimal laughing and movement. Audio is watermarked and can be used to pinpoint your seat in a theater with cyber-forensics, so at first you can give the group the Video only and ask them to show u examples of the digital tracers they found. The group can get audio on their own.

      • moises520 says:

        Ok thanks and what release group or indiviual would be the best to cover mg ass? Im just tired of people bitching me including but bringing nothing to offer so im going to get the balls to do it soon not sure what movie tho or how soon

      • John Doe @ says:

        best thing to do is look at NFO’s on uploads of groups that do 1st release new source stuff as they will know more about tracers than groups that just recode others work and release it so take your pick u might not find sum but u might find them who knows.

      • moises520 says:

        @ john doe so mellenium? I want to record either ninja turtles or for sure lets be cops as im going to go see both ill try to both but as any one knows being busted by the feds is never ever fun the only nfo i have seen was cm8 and evo but john young stated hive cm8 only does re encodes and evo i have no idea anybody know good release groups that have their own sources and one lsst thing how do i get line audio and or join a release group? I know its alot of questions but just trying to get my name out there or somethin i just wanna contribute for the cause

      • moises520 says:

        Ill record my tv lol to show the quality of my cam and also get some tips ill upload it to firedrive

      • John Doe @ says:

        MiLLENiUM,BL4CKP34RL, and EVE are all good 1st release groups to try and i know 2 of the 3 have contact details in their NFO’s the other is a find us if u got sumthing type deal they do not advertise there contact info or where to find them but im sure if your on any private sites sumone there can tell ya how to get ahold of BL4CKP34RL

      • curr says:

        please tell me home tracker for MiLLENiUM,BL4CKP34RL, and EVE

        i heard its fun for millenium

      • John Doe @ says:

        MiLLENiUMS homesite is not FuN only people to call FuN home are F00KaS and FiNGERBLAST and nonames like that that like to keep stuff up VIP INTERNAL for WEB-DL’s even after the Bluray has hit…

    • tellme says:

      Can you tell me at least sites for these groups John Doe @?

      MiLLENiUM,BL4CKP34RL, and EVE
      at least BL4CKP34RL

  12. qpalzm666 says:

    There appears to be a r6/web rip of purge 2 asked for Aug 1 2014…according to film.qq…

    If I’m reading it correctly.

  13. spadger says:

    hercules ts and sex tape ts on epidemz.

  14. hicksy says:

    Hercules (2014/TS)
    Sex Tape (2014/TS)
    up on epidemz

    • hicksy says:

      22 Jump Street (2014/TS)
      up on epidemz

      • hicksy says:

        sorry spadger didn’t see your post

      • spadger says:

        alright hicksy how you doing that 22 jump street ts is still the cam thats been out ages its had new cam audio put on it but its still bad and the film jumps to different scenes i think thats been done to match up with audio that was avalible i believe a better copy is coming with proper audio we’ll have to wait and see though. :).

  15. dave87w says:

    we really tommorow see captain america winter soldier on itunes sweden?because i dont see any info

    • dvdmaniac says:

      unfortunatelly the sweden itunes date changed from 29th jully to 12th august…..now the earliest itunes date is 7th august in russia,and the earliest dvd/bluray date is 11th august in Holland…sorry

    • thegeeman says:

      Just checked (itunes sweden) and it is showing as the 12th August

  16. 623skates says:

    The Purge 2 Anarchy 2014 CAM READNFO XViD-BL4CKP34RL
    Lucy 2014 CAM Xvid-CRYS

  17. David says:

    Just to let folks know that don’t ( Zxcv.fm ) is closing from 1 August :((( gutted although there is a sister site which I’m now on and been invited to another good tv site :))))

  18. death2norm says:

    Sex Tape 2014 FIRST CAM ENGLISH XviD MP3-RBG
    Planes Fire And Rescue (2014) CAM XviD-VAiN (this one is in sync)

  19. kyle says:

    when is the amazing spider-man 2 blu-ray hit the internet

    • domo2013 says:

      Any difference between a itunes rip and bluray?

      • spadger says:

        The quality domo but ive burnt a 720p webrip and a 720p blurayrip and both look the same when played on dvd player and the same when ive burned 720 and 1080p blurays both look the same.

      • sinbad says:

        A bit more detail in a blu ray rip compared to web-dl, but not anything you would really notice sat 10 feet away on a 42″ TV

  20. Xander says:

    Looking for help.
    There is a film that has been out online for months now that seems to have several names depending on what country you live in.
    Its been called:
    Underdogs, Metegol & now being called The Unbeatables.
    Its an animated Football/Soccer kids film.
    Problem is i cant find an English Audio version of the film.
    The Bluray is online but with Spanish Audio.
    Does anyone know if there is an English copy out there?

    • RedNun says:

      Did a search and only found a subbed version, which isn’t what you want. Think you might have to a few more weeks mid August to see it in out with an English audio track.

      • Xander says:

        Yes RedNun, could only find a subbed version, no english audio track.
        Cool buddy, thanks for the info.

  21. spadger says:

    A haunted house 2 webrips are out.

  22. bob smith says:


  23. dave87w says:

    wee see captain today?

  24. dw says:

    anyone seen this ‘KITE’ its on directtv ?? trailer is on imdb

  25. BigBadG says:

    Draft Day 2014 720p HDRip x264 AC3-JYK @ rarbg

  26. Garnier says:

    Draft Day 2014 720p HDRip x264 AC3 JYK

  27. arthur says:

    Wheres Draft Day

  28. hicksy says:

    Draft Day 2014 720p HDRip x264 AC3-JYK

  29. Garnier says:

    Palo Alto 2013 720p WEB-DL x264-ETRG

  30. death2norm says:

    Anyone hear anything about webrip or dvdrip of Trailer Park Boys 3: Dont legalize it coming out today?

  31. spadger says:

    22 jump street hdcam studio audio blackpearl on et.

    • spadger says:

      just downloaded 22 jump street audio is quality just out of sync here and there would go great on a nicer rip but all in all watchable now till retail or better vid pops up.

  32. Garnier says:


  33. domo2013 says:

    Captain America Winter Soldier Retail DVD5 is out on most thai trackers.
    picture proof:

    • domo2013 says:

      I found the source of where they got the movie, its from a shop in thailand. They have the movie coming out on the 14th of August.

      Other release dates they have(so pretty much subtract 2 weeks from the release date and it should be on most thai trackers):
      Amazing Spider-Man 2: 14/8/2014
      Draft Day: 21/08/2014
      Disney Nature: Bears: 21/08/2014
      Bad Neighbours 28/08/2014

  34. sinbad says:

    just a recode (and not a good one) not original source, a lot of artifacts and pixelation

  35. John Doe @ says:


    is out now

  36. true says:


  37. afterdark17 says:

    areet mate.were is purge 2? cheers

  38. zzbia says:

    where is it?

  39. trueleaker says:

    where is it? fun?

  40. John Doe @ says:

    looked fine to me when i watched it.. is it perfect hell no its a CAM but better than what there was 2 days ago.. and at least its good english audio on it.. we do not see you bringin better stuff to the table go cam it yourself and see how you do at it..

  41. Mrb100 says:

    for planes that is

  42. Mrb100 says:

    I don’t see the purge, Lucy cam is up and its looks real bad! Planes is outa sync

  43. spadger says:

    is jesus still alive?

  44. domo2013 says:

    Use vlc and click the flat audio preset, its makes it more hearable.
    use saturation gamma for tweaking.


  45. Garnier says:

    same shitty cam first 2 mins Italian audio

  46. rosco says:

    @domo2013, thanks for the great info!
    Transformers:Age of Extinction.2014.720p.R6.HTC.x264.AAC-SeeHD

    the one i got looks great but is out of sync, how about yours?

  47. John Doe @ says:

    in under 24 hrs if you all can wait that long from what i was told

  48. spadger says:

    Will wait for that copy john

  49. question says:

    where is it?

  50. hicksy says:

    you don’t need an invite smokey just download like I do

  51. nickcrysis says:

    Wrong answer , is not out , only WEB-DL .

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