R5 Release Dates

I’ve started formatting the updates differently, if I’ve added a title then it’s in bold and if a title has been changed moved then the original will be crossed out so you can see the changes.

In the comment section you should only leave a comment if a date has been changed, a release of the same title is available already or just for general releases.

If you see any issues with the dates or have info about released titles or any mistakes I’ve made please leave a comment or send me a tweet.

Looking for some new dates, if you happen to come across any then please email them to me over at sbraidley [at] yahoo.co.uk as I don’t have time to check all the comments for new dates. Thank you to all those who have submitted dates!

– DVD & BluRay –

Please Read: For those asking about films that aren’t on the list, if a film doesn’t appear on the list it’s most likely that the studio don’t do R5 releases, studios have the choice to release in the region 5 format.

September 2014

Winter’s Tale – 11th September 2014 (Second Date)
Godzilla – 18th September 2014
The Familymoon – 25th September 2014
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For – 30th September 2014
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – September 2014

October 2014

Edge of Tomorrow – 2nd October 2014
Jersey Boys  – 13th October 2014
The Purge: Anarchy  – 13th November 2014
Tammy - 13th November 2014
And So It Goes - 14th October 2014
Daddy’s Home – 15th October 2014
The Fault in Our Stars - 16th October 2014
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - 20th November 2014
Maleficent – 21st October 2014
The Giver – 21st October 2014
Jersey Boys – 23rd October 2014
Let’s Be Cops - 27th October 2014
Captain America: The Winter Soldier – 28th October 2014 (Second Date)
Wish I Was Here  – 28th October 2014
Noah – October 2014

November 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction – 1st November 2014
How To Train Your Dragon 2 – 1st November 2014
Hercules – 4th November 2014
300: Rise of an Empire – 6th November 2014 (Second Date)
Tammy – 6th November 2014
Into The Storm - 13th November 201
Planes: Fire and Rescue – 18th November 2014
Jupiter Ascending – 27th November 2014

December 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy – 2nd December 2014
Outpost – 4th December 2014
Lucy – 4th December 2014
Whiplash – 4th December 2014
Into the Storm – 11th December 2014
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – 15th December 2014
The Familymoon – 18th December 2014 (Second Date)
Outpost 37 - 18th December 2014
As Above, So Below - 18th December 2014


Updated: 8th September 2014 – New dates added and old dates removed.

Note: not all dates are 100% accurate and are likely to vary, please keep checking back for updated release dates.

Comments must only relate to dates, current releases or private torrent site invites, any other comments will be deleted if not relevant. If members start harassing each other, they are banned.

87 Responses to R5 Release Dates

  1. thebear009 says:

    any sign of expendables 4 and the a-team 2 yet they should b out by now

  2. sharkslayer says:

    Where is Zombeavers? Came out today on Bluray in UK. Pls someone post it!

  3. Garnier says:


  4. Garnier says:

    Northern Soul 2014 DVDRiP XVID AC3-MAJESTIC

  5. tomi says:

    Hercules come out tomorrow ???

  6. Young $$$ says:

    Шаг вперёд: Всё или ничего / Step Up All In (2014/WEB-DL/WEB-DLRip)

  7. DazzA says:

    The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug Extended Version on Epidemz now.

  8. Young $$$ says:


  9. Young $$$ says:


  10. jazzijeff says:

    INto the storm will be out on iTunes on the 28th October :)

  11. Mike says:


  12. Dan says:

    Any sign of copy’s of soul boys of the western world
    It’s available on us iTunes

  13. hicksy says:

    A Most Wanted Man anyone know if we will see this this week as the dvd release date is the 4th November same as step up and hercules

  14. awk says:

    anyone know of a kosher torrent for zombeaver instead of the rar shit

  15. Garnier says:

    Anybody Know why This Is Not Out Yet White Settlers
    Should Have Been Out By Now


  16. kitch27 says:

    Any news on the Babadook Australian DVD/Blu release date is Oct.31… Thought we would have seen by now.

  17. spadger says:

    surely dawn of the planet of the apes and guardians of the galaxy are only days away from showing now.

  18. Young $$$ says:


  19. Young $$$ says:


  20. TwistedVivid says:

    Let me be honest the only thing left in this year that I want to watch are Guardians of the Galaxy, Dumb and Dumber To and Horrible Bosses 2.

    Nothing else interests me.

    • qpalzm666 says:

      And “american sniper”

    • devel says:

      Personally; I don’t care about guardians or horribe bosses 2, but i agree with dumb & dumber 2. plenty of more exciting stuff on the way such as:

      john wick
      inherent vice

      • TwistedVivid says:

        2014 kinda felt lackluster compared to the past 3 years in terms of Cool Original content and good Movies. but that’s just my opinion don’t mind me.

  21. goofysurf says:

    the judge on filmqq

  22. Young $$$ says:

    V/H/S Viral 2014 HDRip X264-PLAYNOW

  23. BigBadG says:

    Any news on TUSK, I’m dying to watch it

  24. Caggie says:

    could anyone please give me a link for extra torrent? mines wont work

  25. Xander says:

    Are we definitely going to get a HC Webrip of The Judge this weekend?

  26. speakofevil says:

    Lets.Be.Cops.2014.720p.BluRay.x264-SPARKS release i didn’t know anything about hope dawn of the planet of the apes is gonna be the next on the list

  27. psyclone says:


  28. DazzA says:

    Let’s Be Cops BDrip on epidemz

  29. Young $$$ says:


  30. sharkslayer says:


  31. bob smith says:

    chef has been added to the list of screeners hopefully more soon

  32. BOOPAC says:


  33. johnq says:

    Stonehearst Asylum 2014 HDRip XviD AC3-EVO

  34. Garnier says:

    Exists 2014 720p WEB-DL DD5.1 H264-PLAYNOW


  35. Young $$$ says:

     The Expendables 3 2014 720p Bluray x264-EVO

  36. Garnier says:

    The Expendables 3 2014 1080p Bluray x264-EVO

  37. tellme says:

    The Judge (2014) WEB-DL x264 1080p HC AC3 2.0 English [XKlusiveDD]

  38. tellme says:

    Ninja Turtles 2014
    available on canadian itunes but still no rip

  39. bob smith says:

    Annabel .Annabelle.2014.HD1080P.X264.AAC.English.CHS.Mp4Ba

  40. mrb100 says:

    Addiected cam and the judge cam out, no fury tho boooo

  41. please says:

    Ok I don’t want to be a dick. You asking about that movie makes up 2 of the last 5 posts. All I’m saying is that asking does nothing. Literally, within a few minutes of release, someone will post that it is available.

  42. hmmm says:

    Sam will ban you. Your call… buddy

  43. Rockisright says:

    You can keep Dreaming but the quicker it turns up the Shiter
    the copy is,,,,Just Saying
    So don’t get all up in arms when the shit starts rolling in.
    and if you think that someone who dose film this movie is reading your comments and says to them self Oh shit better make this one perfect well you must have a head injury or something like that
    I say be like the rest of us and just appreciate what turns up.

  44. Trevor says:

    It is messed up alright will wait for a better copy. don’t get me wrong now video wise all is good audio is screwed up big time.

  45. bob smith says:

    Annabelle.2014.1080p.PROPER.V2.HC.WEBRip.x264.AAC.2.0-RARBG new audio sound is good

  46. Trevor says:

    Hercules is up for grabs (might be a bit late posting) on extratorrent

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